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Alto de les Creus

Ermita del Calvari - Mirador - Camino de Massalari - Fuente de la Granata - Alto de les Creus - Fontetes de Cantús - Ermita del Calvari





Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Drive on the CV-50 to Tavernes de la Valldigna. In Tavernes de la Valldigna drive to the chapel of Calvari (Ermita del Calvari), which you find on the northern side of the town. (Roadmap of Safor)

Distance: 4h07min/14km

Behind the chapel (60 m) you see a number of signposts and a walkway lined by a canal. Start the walk by the sign for "Mirador" (lookout spot). Follow signposting to Mirador at the next two junctions by going straight ahead at the first and by turning left at the second (10min) (40 m). Turn left also at the third junction. "Cami Travessa a Favara" takes you to the upper end of a citrus grove, and bends right. On your left you see the reddish rock walls of  Las Cruces. Some seventy meters after the bend, a path parts from the road to the left (15min) (60 m).

After walking less than a minute on the path, you encounter signposts. Keep straight ahead following the sign for Mirador. You cross two depressions along concrete bars and climb stone steps to a junction (23min) (120m).

If you want to visit the chapel of San Rafael, cross the sand road and descend along the path to a recreation area. Climb the steps to the chapel and walk back to the junction along the road. It takes some ten minutes to the chapel and back.

If you do not want to visit San Rafael, turn left. You see signposts in front of you. Do not fork left to an ascending path, but go ahead on the sand road for the Mirador. On your right you have a nice view to the valley with orange groves all the way to the sea.

By the next signs (30min) (120 m), you can take the path to the lookout spot with a view to Cullera, and turn after that for "Cami de Massalari".

At the next junction (40min) (90 m), go straight ahead on the road. The slopes of  Granata stretch on your left. When you meet an asphalt road (50min) (55 m), turn right. This narrow road takes you through the citrus groves to a wider asphalt road, Cami de Massalari (57min) (20 m). Turn left, and keep right at the next fork which you encounter in less than a minute. Walk on "Cami de Massalari" (Camino del Masalari) until you see a sign for Cami de la Granata on your left (1h07min) (35 m). "Cami de la Granata" keeps ascending in the middle of citrus groves to a pine forest (1h27min) (125 m). From the road you can see the gorge to which you are heading at. Before diving in to the forest take a look at the coast behind you.

A couple of minutes after reaching the forest, the road forks. Take the left fork, and walk to the Granata fountain (Font de la Granata) (1h45min) (190 m). With its shady rock walls, tables and benches, the fountain makes an ideal picnic spot. By the water pool the road narrows to a path and curves left.

The route continues along the path, which climbs uphill, first gently but later steeply. Ignore all paths that fork left downhill. You have nice view over the valley to Cullera.  By the next signs (1h55min) (235 m), keep straight ahead for Alt de les Creus. Do not turn left. Further up the path curves to the west towards Puntal de la Paella and Puntal del Masalari.

When you reach the plain of Sangonera (2h30min) (420 m), go left following the signpost pointing to "Alt de les Creus" and "Fontetes de Cantús". The path ascends gently to the plain of Creus (Pla de les Creus). At the next fork (2h45min) (520 m), go right, if you want to visit the crosses that you can see some ten meters above you. You can descend from the crosses by the same path or an alternative path to the Cantús path. It takes some twenty minutes to visit the crosses.

If you do not want to drop in to see the crosses, keep straight ahead to the Cantús fountain. By the next signposts (2h50min) (500 m), a path coming from the crosses joins in from the right. Keep going to the Cantús fountain. 

Soon the path bends to the east and you have a marvellous sea view ahead. You can see a long stretch of the coast line all the way from Cullera to Denia. When the path descends from the hill, it curves to the southeast towards a projection. By the signs (3h20min) (335 m), keep straight ahead to the Cantús fountain. At the tip of the projection, starts a steep descent with a magnificent outlook over Valldigna to the mountains.You pass the Cantús fountain (3h30min) (275 m) to Tavernes de la Valdigna (4h). Return to the chapel of Calvari (4h07min).

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