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Map for the route (ED50)


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How to get there: Drive on VV-1011 to Villalonga. In the roundabout, take the road signposted to Safor. Drive seven kilometres, and turn left uphill on a road signed for Safor. After some 500 meters, the road curves right, and you see a sign for Cim de la Safor. From now on, the road is in poor condition. You might consider leaving your car here, and walking some ten minutes, 500 meters, to the starting point of the route. (Roadmap of Safor)

Distance: 3h15min/10.5km

The route starts by the path left uphill signposted to the top of Safor (Cim de la Safor) (540 m). The path is steep but easy to walk and follow. At the first lookout point, you see the form of Safor and find signs for Rimall de la Safor and Finestra (15 min) (660 m). Make sure that you follow the signs and waymarks uphill. Do not take the path that runs below this uphill path.

The second lookout point (35min) (830 m) is on a ridge that opens mountain views to both east and west. After climbing ten more minutes, the steep stretch is behind you. Soon you come to the Finestra, which is a window in the rock wall (50min) (895 m).

The path slopes gently uphill, descends to a small meadow (1h) (920 m), and crosses a hill to a large meadow, where you find the ruins of an ice house and a sign for L'Orxa (1h10min) (920 m).

Before setting off for L'Orxa, visit the top of Safor, by continuing straight ahead on the path. The top (1h18min) (1012 m) opens up views to the great peaks of Monduber in the north, Benicadell and Montcabrer in southwest, Serrella, Aixorta and Aitana in the south, and Montgo in the east.

When the path, signposted to L'Orxa (1h25min), forks (1h30min) (940 m), go right. The route descends gently through the plain of Cova Negra to a track (2h20min) (660 m). Turn right for Font dels Olbits.

When you meet another track (2h40min) (560 m), turn right again. The track descends to the asphalt road on which you started this walk. Turn right, and walk back to the starting point (3h15min).

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