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Muinos de Folón y Picón
Ponte das Penas - Molinos de Folón - Molinos de Picón - Ponte das Penas






Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Drive on the N-550 between Tui and Guarda close to the kilometer post 52, where you follow the signs for "Rosal" and "Muiños do Folón" to a narrower asphalt road. The signs for "Muiños do Folón" guide you 6.7 km through the village of Martín to Ponte das Penas, where you find an information point and an information panel on the walking route "Muiños do Folón e do Picón. (Roadmap)

Distance: 1h16min/3.6km

Ascend from the corner of the information point (100 m) along the slope of Campo do Couto to the sign for "PR-G 94" (2min) (110 m), which guides you to a canal. Almost immediately, you encounter the first of the Padín's mills.

Follow the white-yellow waymarks along this very beautiful route. Step inside the Calergo mill (7min) (110 m) before you go on. Take the path to the left to cross the bridge over the river Padín. After the bridge you pass two other mills. Ignore the road to the right (13min) (135 m) and stay on the wide path. A stone paved path takes you to the river Folón.

The 36 mills of Folón on a slope make a beautiful sight. You can walk first along the stone paved path above the mills or descend straight away to the mills to ascend from an information panel (21min) (150 m) along stone steps winding between the mills. Every now and then you cross the river Folón flowing down the slope. Higher up you enjoy a nice view to the valley of Rosal, over the river Miño all the way to Portugal and the mountain of Santa Tecla.

After passing all the 36 mills, you reach the plain of Olleiros (35min) (255 m), where you walk straight ahead at the crossroads. Soon after that, you branch off right, to a path that follows the canal of Nivel (39min) (270 m). The route crosses the canal and comes to the mills of Picón. Also these 31 mills stand on a slope by the Picón river. The river builds lovely ponds while rushing down the otherwise dry slope dotted with pines. From the mills you enjoy another fine view over the valley of Rosal.

Follow the white-yellow waymarks downhill to the track of San Martiño (1h02min) (170 m). The track turns into an asphalt road. Later the sign for Folón and the white-yellow waymarks guide you right to a concrete road (1h08min) (145 m). Here and there the road narrows into a path before you reach the beginning of this route (1h16min).

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