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Parador de Monte Perdido - Llanos de Larri - Pista de la Larri - Parador de Monte Perdido

Parador de Monte Perdido - Llanos de Larri - Pista de la Larri - Parador de Monte Perdido





Map for the route (ED50)


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How to get there: Drive on the A-138 to Bielsa and turn between the kilometer posts K80 and K81 on a narrow asphalt road signposted to "Parador de Monte Perdido" and "Valle de Pineta". Continue 14 km along this road number A-2611 until you see a large parking place on your left. Leave your car to the parking place. (Roadmap)

Distance: 2h30min/9km

Walk from the parking place some 200 meters along the road till the Hermitage of Ntra Sra de Pineta. By the hermitage you find a sign for "Llanos de Larri" and "Lagos de la Munia" (1285 m). The route starts from here. You ascend along a path through a leafy forest to a track (30min) (1500 m). Cross the track and continue along the path. The path goes over the track two more times. When you reach the track for the fourth time, turn left uphill. By the track you find an information panel on the glaciers of the nature park (35min) (1555 m).

Magnificent mountains surround the plain of Larri. Looking behind to the west and south you see the Cilindro (3325 m), Monte Perdido (3348 m) and Soum de Ramond (3259 m). Close to the Frech border, from west towards north rise the Pineta (2861 m), Forcarral and El Tormacal. In the north, the mountain landscape is dominated by Punta Baja de las Blancas and Punta Alta de las Blancas above the Circo de La Larri. In the northeast, you see the crest of Estiva

When you encounter two signposts (37min) (1565 m), go right for "Estiva", but do not start to climb to the mountains. Instead walk along a grassy track to the other end of the plain towards a waterfall rushing down from the rock walls that close the Circo de la Larri. On your left flows the river Larri. By the waterfall (1h05min) (1620 m), you find a beautiful pool.

Return back to the signs (1h27min) (1565 m) and take the track downwards. Ignore all side tracks and paths. You go through a gate (1h39min) (1500 m) and come to a bridge (1h42min) (1490 m). By the bridge that goes over the gorge of Larri, you find a gorgeous waterfall descending along red rock wall under the bridge and further down along the gorge. Soon after crossing the bridge, a path brances off left. In autumn 2007 this path was closed, because it had collapsed. We have not walked along this path, but it is supposed to be beautiful.   

Continuing along the track you come to another bridge that crosses the river Cinca (2h) (1415 m). Immediately after the bridge you encounter a fountain on your right. You descend gently into a leafy forest and continue back tothe parking place (2h30min).

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