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Urdón - Tresviso - Urdón





Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Drive on the N-621 to Urdón. Close to the kilometer post 166, you find an information panel "Ruta Urdón -Tresviso, PR-PNPE-30". (Roadmap)

Distance: 3h50min/12km

Take the track that starts by the information panel (85 m). At the fork, follow the white-yellow waymark uphill to the right. After crossing a bridge (4min) (90 m), the river Urdón flows on your right. Lined by fig trees, the route goes over two more bridges (14min) (110 m), and stays a little while on the right side of the river, before the path starts to zigzag uphill. In a couple of minutes, you pass the sign of "La Bargona".

You go through a gate (30min) (300 m), and continue in the forest along the stony path on the slope of the Canal de Cerrosa. Once above the tree line, you se the peaks of Pico de Macondiú in front of you (39min) (395 m).

You pass a path branching off right to the lookout spot of La Bargona (49min) (490 m).

When you reach the Balcon de Pilatos (1h05min) (590 m), where the path bends right, take a break to admire the snake like shape of the path below, and the Pico del Ave on the background.

You keep climbing the steep and stony path still for a while, before it becomes gentler and opens up a view to the village of Tresviso. After passing a fountain by a group of stone cottages (1h30min) (810 m), the path starts ascending again, this time along the grassy slope of Cotero Cruz. You pass a lookout spot (1h56min) (880 m) before entering the village (2h) (875 m), well known of its selection of cheese varieties.

Return on the same way back to Urdón (3h50min).

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