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Kävelyreitti Viornan vuoristossa

Santo Toribio de Liebana - Ermita de San Pedro - Sierra de la Viorna - Cruz de Viorna - Mieses - Santo Toribio de Liebana





Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Driving from Potes some 1 km on the CA-185 turn left on the CA-885 signposted to Santo Toribio de Liebana. After less than 2 km you reach the monastery of Santo Toribio de Liebana. (Roadmap)

Distance: 3h10min/9km

From the parking place of the monastery you take the steps to the left to the beginning of a track (500 m). Almost at once you see an information panel on the walking route "Ruta de las Ermitas". Keep on the main track marked with a red arrow. When you meet signposts at a bend of the track (6min) (540 m), you can follow the sign for Santa Catalina to the right, if you want to visit the hermitage, which you can see on top of a hill. It takes some 4 minutes to walk there and back to the signposts. The route continues to the left.

You follow the "San Pedro" signs, first to the right and then to the left, to a steeply ascending path (13min) (570 m). From the ruins of the hermitage (26min) (685 m), you walk straight ahead along the path. Between the trees you can see the Picos de Europa. When the path bends sharp right, pay attention that you stay on the main path and not go straight ahead to a path that is blocked by a bundle of brushwood (42min) (800 m).

Ascending through a dense oak forest you come to a crest in a couple of minutes and follow it uphill along the path. When the path forks (58min) (900 m), go up right. If you by mistake take the left branch, the path soon ends.

Gradually the forest thins out and the path lined by ferns starts to zigzag along the slope up to the crest of the Sierra de la Viorna (1h16min) (1110 m) where you meet another path, which you follow to the left. Sloping down gently the path comes to the cross of Viorna (1090 (1h22minm) with stunning views of the Cantabrian mountains all the way to Curavacas in Palencia and over the valley of Liebana with Potes lined by the Picos of Europa.

From the cross you continue along the path to the tip of the crest (1h28min) (1065 m). Now the path starts to descend steeply. Make sure that you stay on the path when it bends left towards Potes (1h35min) (970 m).

When you reach a track (1h43min) (875 m), turn left. In a moment you enter a handsome forest of pines and spruces. Later the main track bends left (2h10min) (620 m). Pay attention that you stay on the main track and do not walk straight ahead from the bend. The track ends in the village of Mieses (2h48min) (430 m), where you take a narrow asphalt road to the left. It leads to the CA-885 (2h56min) (410 m). Turn left and walk back to Santo Toribio de Liebana (3h10min).

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