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Trekking to Peña Prieta

Puerto San Glorio - Los Campanarios - Portillo de las Yeguas - Alto del Naranco - Collado del Robadorio - Altares - Alto de Cubil del Can - Mojón de las Tres Provincias - Peña Prieta - Puerto San Glorio


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How to get there: Drive on the N-621 to Puerto San Glorio, where you find a parking place next to a stone cottage close to the kilometer post 122. (Roadmap)

Distance: 6h40min/19km

The first part of this route to the Portillo de las Yeguas is a little bit difficult to follow (See the picture).

From the parking place (1595m) you take an uphill track, which forks in a minute. Follow the white-yellow waymark to the left. Also at the next fork you go left (6min) (1620m), although this track is marked with a white-yellow cross.

The track leads to the pasture of Vega de Tama, where you go through a gate (11min) (1615m). When the track ends, continue across the meadow uphill, diagonally to the left (30min) (1690m), to another steeply ascending track (36min) (1735m), which comes to a crest (46min) (1820 m). Looking right you see a grassy trail leading towards the lowest point of the crest of Los Campanarios. Ascending along this trail you enjoy a nice view over the Collado de Llesba to the Picos de Europa.

When you reach Los Campanarios (1h03min) (1930m), you see Peña Prieta in front, left from Altares. Take a path marked with piles of stones to the left. The path leads uphill and comes between boulders to the Portillo de las Yeguas (1h20min) (2065m). Just before reaching it, you pass a little grassy terrace with a beautiful view over the Puerto San Glorio to the Picos de Europa.

From the pass a clear path continues along the slope of the Alto de Naranco opening a view to the valley of Naranco.When you come to a junction (1h36min) (2100m), go right. The path leads to the charming plain of the Collado del Robadorio where it bends up right. On top of the hill you find a high column of stones (1h51min) (2155m), and have a view over the valley of Puertos de Río Frío.

Shortly after begins a steep ascent towards the top of Altares. Just before you reach the top, you have to climb over some boulders. From the top (2h25min) (2390m) the path goes on along the crest of Cubil del Can towards the Mojón de las Tres Provincias.

On your way you enjoy marvellous views to Peña Prieta on your left and to the needle like pillars of the Agujas de Cardaño with the Peña Espigüete on the background. On the right hand side of the pillars rises the peak of the Pico de las Lomas.

From the top of the Mojón de Tres Provincias (2h55min) (2500m), the border mountain of the three provinces of Cantabria, Leon and Palencia, you enjoy a great mountain panorama. Looking to the southeast you see Curavacas, the highest mountain in Palencia, and the lakes of the Laguna de Fuentes Carrionas. In the southwest you recognize the Agujas de Cardaño, Pico de las Lomas, Pico Murcia and Peña Espigüete. In the north rise the Picos de Europa. Down in the valley you see the lake of Pozos de los Altares.

The last part of the route to the top of Peña Prieta is clearly visible from the Mojón de Tres Provincias. First the path descends to a pass between the two mountains (3h05min) (2445m) and ascends then to the crest of Peña Prieta (3h22min) (2530m), where you turn left to the top of the mountain (3h24min) (2540m). The view encompasses numerous mountain ranges, among which you see again Curavacas, the Alto de Cubil del Can and Picos de Europa. Looking down you see the Pozos de los Altares.

Return on the same way back to Puerto San Glorio (6h40min).

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