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Potes - Porcieda - Ermita de Valmayor - Potes

Potes - Porcieda - Ermita de Valmayor - Potes





Map for the route (ED50)


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How to get there: Driving on the N-621 to the southern entrance of Potes, very close to the exit/entrance sign of the village, you find a walking route sign for "Vega de Liebana" and a white-yellow waymark at the beginning of a narrow uphill asphalt road. (Roadmap)

Distance: 2h51min/11km

Start out by following the sign for "Vega de Liebana" (315 m) and the white-yellow waymarks. Soon the asphalt turns into concrete. When the road forks (3min) (325 m), go left. The mountain landscape is dominated by the Sierra de la Viorna bordering the valley of Cereceda. Looking behind you see the Monte Arabedes on the background of Potes.

The concrete road turns into a track (15min) (410 m) snaking its way uphill in an oak forest. Ignore all sidetracks and continue uphill until a white-yellow waymark guides you to the right (32min) (550 m). You pass a stone building and come to the next fork (44min) (575 m), where you go left uphill.

The track turns into a path (53min) (605 m). When it forks (1h) (640 m), keep left. You continue still for a while uphill (1h05min) (670 m) before the descent towards the Porcieda surrounded by green pastures begins. Behind the village, in the southwest rises the Peña Prieta.

The best remained building in this deserted village (1h12min) (640 m) is a small chapel.

Return along the path to the track and continue to the familiar fork (1h49min) (550 m), where you bend this time uphill to the right. The track leads to the top of La Muela opening a view over the valley of Camaleño to the villages of Potes and Ojedo (2h04min) (655 m). When you encounter another track (2h13min) (565 m), do not turn left towards the village, but go right. At the next fork (2h22min) (540 m), you go left. The steep track comes to a junction (2h29min) (470 m). Turn right for visiting the ermitage of Valmayor. By this beautiful building you find tables and bences (2h31min) (470 m).

Return to the junction and continue downhill. The track turns into a concrete road sloping down to the N-621(2h51min) (315 m). Turn left and return to the beginning of the route (2h51min).

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