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Trekking route to Peña Ventosa

San Pedro de Bedoya - Braña Los Tejos - Peña Ventosa - Salarzón - San Pedro de Bedoya





Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Driving on the N-621 to Tama turn to the CA-881 signposted to San Pedro de Bedoya, close to the kilometer post 151. Drive 4 km to San Pedro de Bedoyaan. By the village entrance you come to crossroads and see a bus stop and an information panel on the Braña Los Tejos on your right. On the left side of the road you find a parking place. (Roadmap)

Distance: 3h50min/14km

Take the narrow asphalt road that goes uphill to the right from the crossroads (555 m). After crossing the river of Bedoya the road turns into a track. Ascending through a forest of beech and oak trees you come to a fork by the fountain of Los Vaos (26min) (730 m). Go left over the bridge. The track goes by the Ermita de San Pedro de Toja (41min) (840 m) and opens up fine views over the pastures and the valley of Bedoya to the Picos de Europa (50min) (905 m).

Later the track emerges from the forest to meadows extending to the right and forks by the cattle house (57min) (945 m). Go up right. From this point you see the crest of Peña Ventosa. The track goes round the Peña Crespa revealing the valley of Cillorigo and the Picos de Europa.

Once you reach the pass of Braña Los Tejos (1h30min) (1275 m) you enjoy fine views to the Peña Sagra and the Cantabrian mountains. Take the grassy track that branches off left before you come to the building. The track goes round the hillock on your left and comes to a grassy field (1h35min) (1265 m) where it bends right. From this point you look over the valley of Cillorigo and its villages. After a steep ascent you come to a pass where the track ends (1h45min) (1330 m). The views to the mountains and valleys are great.

From the pass you can go to three different directions. First, you can return on the same way back to San Pedro de Bedoya (3h20min). Second, bending right you find a path, which follows the crest of Peña Ventosa. Running along the rocky crest, the path becomes unclear and difficult to walk on. After you have climbed to a spot some 20 meters higher up, you follow the descending crest to a depression and discern the village of Piñeres and the Sierra Cocon on your right.  (2h05min) (1330 m). You can continue along the crest all the way to the top of Peña Ventosa, but we recommend that you turn back from this point.

The third option is to bend right down the slope to a wide path (1h46min) (1325 m), that zigzags downhill towards the track and the village of Salarzón which you discern below. Later the path starts to lead left staying almost at the same level(2h) (1215 m) and comes to a small grassy field (2h04min) (1220 m), where you take a couple of steps up and keep following the clear path. Almost immediately the path starts to slope down gently. Before it starts ascending again (2h08min) (1205 m), follow the piles of stones downhill. There are a number of paths on the slope, but make for another grassy field, which you see down on your right. Once you reach the field (2h28min) (1110 m) bend right. Below you see a cottage and a track. From this cottage (2h45min) (980 m) you take the track to the right and cross a pasture to another track, which you see below. Take this track to the left (2h49min) (950 m).

The beautiful track comes to a junction (3h11min) (890 m), where you turn left and then immediately right on another track that snakes its way through pastures and oak forest to the village of Salarzón (3h27min) (700 m). Continue along the track to the village and fork off left (3h29min) (685 m). You descend to an asphalt road (3h30min) (670 m), and turn left back to San Pedro de Bedoya (3h50min).

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