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Trekking route to Peña Sagralle

Somaniezo - Santuario de la Virgen de la Luz - Peña Sagra - Cuernón - Somaniezo





Map for the route (ED50)


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How to get there: Driving on the CA-184 turn on the CA-870 signposted to Somaniezo close to the kilometer post 3. After 6 km this road ends. (Roadmap)

Distance: 5h30min/14.6km

At the end of the road (690 m) you find an information panel on the sanctuary of "Santuario de la Virgen de la Luz" and a narrow asphalt road to the village of Somaniezo. When it forks, continue along the street "Calle de la Luz" to the right. Soon a track with the sign for Camino de Peña Sagra branches off right (3min) (710 m). Follow this main track without paying attention to the sidetracks.

You walk in a dense forest through a gate (32min) (925 m). After passing a stone cottage on the left hand side of the track (45min) (1050 m) you enter an open landscape with great views over the valleys of Liebana and to the surrounding mountains.

When you come to a crossroads (1h16min) (1315 m), continue straight ahead towards the sanctuary. Below the chapel, on the left side of the track you find a fountain and signposts. Ignore the signposts and walk above the chapel, where you find a track branching off uphill to the right (1h19min) (1335 m). Soon you enjoy a magnificent view over the Liebana valley to the Cantabrian mountains and the Picos de Europa.

Ignore a track, which branches off right (1h29min) (1390 ), and keep left uphill. Later a wooden pole guides you by a cottage to a path that cuts the bend of the track (1h36min) (1440 m). The track ascends through a grassy plain, where it becomes narrower.

Once you reach a crest with large boulders (1h50min) (1560 m), continue along a path marked with a pile of stones through a bushy terrain. Looking ahead you see the slope of Peña Sagra with a path and grassy fields, your route to the top.

When you have climbed to a little ridge (2h03min) (1645 m), make for the crest on your left along the grassy slope. Follow the crest (2h09min) (1695 m) to the right towards Cuernón, the top of Peña Sagra. A number of paths run along the slope, but if you aim all the time upwards you come between giant boulders to the foot of Cuernón (3h) (2010 ). From the top you enjoy enjoy lovely views to the crest of Peña Sagra, over the valley of Liebana to the Picos de Europa and to the mountains of Palencia.

Return on the same way back to Somaniezo (5h30min).

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