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Fuente De - Majada de Bustantivo - Horcada de Valcava - Fuente De





Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Drive on the CA-185, connecting Potes and Fuente De, to Fuente De. You find a large parking area by the information post. (Roadmap)

Distance: 4h30min/16,5km

Walk from the parking place to the end of the road, where you find a track signposted to "Senda del Mercadillo" (1110 m). When the track forks, go right. You pass the fountain of Fonfria (12min) (1185 m) and come to the cottages of Berrugas (19min) (1210 m). Keep straight ahead, without paying attention to the track branching off left to Pido. You pass another fountain (27min) (1285 m), before you turn left to the track signposted to "Majada de Bustantivo" (34min) (1325 m).

After crossing a gorge (46min) (1340 m) a river starts to flow on your left. You go over a couple of brooks, before crossing the bridge of the Cantiján river (57min) (1420 m). From now on, the track climbs steeply uphill through an oak forest to the cottage of Bustavantivo resting in the middle of rolling slopes surrounded by the mountains of Picos de Europa (1h20min) (1610 m). Looking down below, to your left, you see your return route on the slope of Valcabao.

Continue uphill along the track that ascends to a crest (1h32min) (1695 m) with fine views to Picos de Europa and the slopes of Somo.

After some 100 meters downhill from the crest, the track bends sharp left, and you find a grassy path to the right (1680 m). When this path forks, go left. Be careful, not to continue uphill towards the rock pillars. Soon the path becomes very clear. Running along the slope of Valjierro, the path stays almost at the same level.

The path leads through a gate to a pasture (1h58min) (1690 m), which you cross obliquely forward to the right, heading towards the right flank of the gorge where you find a path (2h) (1680 m). Sloping gently downhill, the path crosses a brook (2h07min) (1640 m) and bends sharp right uphill along the crest. When you are crossing a meadow, the path becomes unclear. Make for the pass in front of you. Once you have reached the pass (2h23min) (1750 m), you follow a track to the right. You enjoy a lovely view to the western mountains of Picos de Europa, and to the other Cantabrian mountains stretching to the west.  In the valley, you see the villages of Valdeon.

The track leads to the pass of "Horcada de Valcava" (2h39min) (1790 m), where you turn right. During the descent you enjoy a nice view of a narrow river valley.

From the open landscape you enter a beech forest, where this lovely track stays a good while before emerging back to the treeless slopes. After crossing the brook of Duernas (3h27min) (1540 m) the track bends right to the other side of the gorge where it continues uphill.

Soon the track starts to descend. The villages of Espinama and Pido appear in front of you. You pass the junction of "Majada de Bustantivo" (3h57min) (1325 m) and continue along the familiar track back to Fuente De (4h30min).

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