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Mogrovejo - El Acebo - Piedra de Coardes - Tanarrio - Mogrovejo

Mogrovejo - El Acebo - Piedra de Coardes - Tanarrio - Mogrovejo





Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Driving on the CA-185 that runs between Potes and Fuente De turn between the kilometer poles K9 and K10 to the CA-887 signposted to Mogrovejo. Continue 1 km to Mogrovejo. Just after entering the village you find a parking place on your right. (Roadmap)

Distance: 2h35min/9km

Walk from the parking place (645 m) along the narrow asphalt road through the village to a junction (1min) (645 m), where a sign for Torre guides you to the right. When the road forks (3min) (645 m) go left uphill. You pass the tower (5min) (670 m) and continue to the next fork (8min) (680 m). Follow the signs for "Peña Oviedo", "Aliva" and "PR-PNPE-22" to the left. Walking on a track you come to the following fork (11min) (700 m), where you go left again. At the fork that you encounter in few minutes (15min) (745 m), you find a sign for "PR-PNPE-22" pointing to the right. Soon you enjoy a nice view over the village of Tanarrio.

Soon a nice view to the villages opens up on your right. At the next fork (22min) (790 m) you have to be careful not to follow the white-yellow waymark left uphill. Keep right on a track that skirts the slope of Ladreo in an oak forest. Looking northwest you see a rugged mountain range bordering the valley. In the northeast rises the Peña Sagra. After going through a gate (31min) (815 m) th track crosses a number of small brooks. Bear right at the next fork (41min) (880 m).

Soon you cross a swiftly flowing brook along stones (44min) (895 m), and encounter a winter cottage, called El Invernal. The track bends sharp right in front of the cottage. Make sure that you do not take the grassy track uphill.

The view over the valleys reaches all the way to the Peña Sagra.

Keep left at the two following forks, but when you reach an iron gate (56min) (945 m) do not go through it, but branch off downhill to the right to another track. After crossing a brook the track turns into a path that slopes down gently through a shady forest (59min) (935 m). You go through a gate and over another brook along stones (1h04min) (920 m).

Once you have crossed the brook of Piedras Negras (1h11min) (915 m) the path bends sharp right and you see the pointed peaks on both sides of the Canal de Lechugales on your left. For a while the brook flows on your right. Looking southwest you discern the top of Coriscau in the distance.

You encounter a gate made of wire ropes (1h15min) (910 m). Loose the hooks of the ropes and go through the gate. On the other side you start walking on a track. Keep left after the next gate of wire ropes (1h20min) (870 m). Down in the valley, on your right, you can see the brook.

At the next fork (1h29min) (820 m), bear right. In the west, the Canal de los Tornos divides the mountain range in two parts, Cumbres de Avenas and Cortes, bordering the valley of Camaleño, where you see the village of Redo.

The track passes a fountain and go through a gate again. After crossing a couple of brooks you come to the village of Tanarria (1h53min) (670 m). Continue downhill to a fork (1h55min) (655 m), and go left. You descend to an asphalt road (1h58min) (640 m). Turn right and walk along the road until a concrete road branches off right towards a house (2h04min) (590 m). Immediately after the turn you see a fountain on your right. Follow the white-yellow waymark downhill. You pass the house and go through a gate to a narrow grassy path. When the path forks (2h06min) (575 m), red arrows guide you to the left. The path slopes down through a gate to a bridge over the river Belondio (2h08min) (555 m). After crossing the river you come to a junction and turn left (2h12min) (570 m).

When you reach the village of Redo (2h20min) (570 m), you find an asphalt road and follow it to Mogrovejo, pass the church, back to the parking place (2h35min).

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