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Sendero Valle de Caloca

Sendero Valle de Caloca






Map for the route (ED50)


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How to get there: Driving on the CA-184 to Pesaguero, turn between the kilometer posts K12 and K13 to a narrow asphalt road signposted to Caloca. Drive on this road 7 km to the village of Caloca. In front of the first building you find a parking place. (Roadmap)

Distance: 2h24min/8km

Start by bending left from the parking place (1060 m). When you come the a small square by the church (Plaza Cotera de la Ermita) turn left downhill. At the lower end of the village (2min) (1045 m) you find a path with a white-yellow waymark pointing to the right. Walk along this path to a track (6min) (1020 m), and turn left.

The track leads through pastures to the bridge over the river Vendejo. After the bridge it starts to ascend gently lined by green meadows and mountains. Further up you pass traditional stone buildings. Looking behind you see the village and the green slopes with the Peña Cigal surrounding it. In the east, the valley is lined by Peña Sagra.

Ignore all side tracks until a white-yellow waymark on a tree trunk guides you to the right to another track at an S-shaped bend (43min) (1250 m). Almost immediately you come to a junction. Follow the white-yellow waymark on a boulder to the right. You walk in a forest with handsome beech trees covered with beard lichen. In spring the slopes are full of primroses and narcissi.

Following the waymarks you cross three brooks flowing swiftly down the slopes before you reach a point where the track bends right and another grassy track goes left uphill. Do not go to the grassy track (1h24min) (1280 m).

After crossing two more brooks, one after each other, you enjoy a splendid view to the peaks on your right. You go over one more brook (1h37min) (1285 m) before the descent towards the valley begins (1h42min) (1290 m). Caloca is peeping through the tree trunks. Stay on the track and be careful not to go straight ahead to a path when the track bends sharp left (1h48min) (1230 m).

Again you cross a brook and go through a gate. The brook keeps you a company for a while before you cross it (1h56min) (1200 m). By two stone cottages (1h59min) (1225 m) you can marvel the rock walls bordering the valley. One more brook crossing and you come to a junction (2h07min) (1210 m), where you turn right. The river Caloca flows on your left.

Soon after entering Caloca (2h21min) (1090 m) you come to a fork (2h23min) (1070 m). Go left and return to the beginning of the route (2h24min).

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