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Trekking route in the Picos de Europa

Cabañes - Collau Pelea - Invernales de Panizales - Bejes - La Quintana - Collao Pebe - Collado de la Horcá Entreleguas - Cabañes





Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Driving on the N-621 to Tama, turn on the CA-883 signposted to Viñon and Colion, and fork off right to CA-884 after 1.6 km following the signs for Pendes and Cabañes. At the next fork, 2.7 km further on, bear right. You pass Pendes after 2 km and come to Cabañes 300 meters thereafter. You find parking place next to the church, which you encounter at the entrance of the village. (Roadmap)

Distance: 4h20min/13.7km

Continue along the road (555 m) about one minute and turn left on a steeply ascending concrete walkway with a white-red waymark. After a gate (7min) (620 m) you enjoy fine views over the valley and the Cantabrian Mountains.  In the east rise the Peña Ventosa and behind it the Peña Sagra. Snaking its way over pastures the way goes through another gate to a fork (35min) (785 m), where you follow the sign for Bejes to the left. Looking right towards "Allende" you see a traditional cottage in the middle of meadows. The concrete pavements ends, and you continue straight ahead along the main track without paying attention to the track that branches off left (56min) (920 m).

The track ascends to the pass of Pelea (1h03min) (1010 m), where you keep right towards "Bejes". The pass opens up a splendid view to the Picos de Europa.

After descending along the track for a while you see Bejes in the valley. You come to the pretty cottages of Panizales dotting the green slopes, where you spot horses and sheep. When you reach Bejes (1h55min) (590 m) you see the village of Quintana on your right and find a concrete lane towards it. Straight after taking this lane, you turn right two more times. You pass the church (2h02min) (525 m) and come to a crossroads, where you go straight ahead to La Quintana (2h09min) (545 m).

Continue along the concrete walkway, which takes you first through Quintana to its upper part and then lined by pastures further up. When the concrete walkway bends right in the pass of Pebe (2h23min) (675 m), you can visit the lookout spot of Mesa de Cumbres by taking the track to the left. It takes some 10 minutes to visit this place with views to the Canón de Corvera and to the mountains on the other side of the Desfiladero de la Hermida.

Continuing along the concrete walkway you walk still uphill for a while before the way slopes down to a stone wall (2h29min) (685 m). On the wall you see a white-yellow waymark, which leads you to an ascending path on your right. When the path starts to go down (2h33min) (720 m), do not follow it to the wooden table by some cottages, but keep at the same altitude, although at first you can hardly see a path. Very soon you find white-yellow waymarks and start to walk along a wide path leading to the pass of Horcá Entreleguas you see higher up in front of you. 

From the pass (2h55min) (860 m) you look down to the valley. The path goes on more or less at the same altitude on the slope of Pelea. Looking down you see the familiar cottages and the track. The path offers excellent views to Bejes and the pastures surrounding it, as well as to the east massif of Picos de Europa before it takes you to the uppermost cottage on the left side of the track (3h17min) (830 m). Return along the familiar way back to Cabañesiin (4h20min).

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