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Pradera de Ordesa - Sendero de los Cazadores - Faja de Pelay - Circo de Soaso - Camino de Soaso - Pradera de Ordesa

Pradera de Ordesa - Sendero de los Cazadores - Faja de Pelay - Circo de Soaso - Camino de Soaso - Pradera de Ordesa





Map for the route (ED50)


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How to get there: Drive on the N-260 until you see a sign for "Torla, Ordesa" between the kilometer posts K480 and K481. Take this narrower asphalt road number A-135 and continue 1.4 km to Torla. Almost immediately after entering the village you see a large parking area, an information post and a bus stop on your right. If you make this excursion in June 30-September 16 or on public holidays you have to leave your transportation and take a bus ride to the nature park. It takes some 20 minutes. The buses leave every 20 minutes. Both the transportation and the parking are priced. During other periods you can drive to the nature park. Continue on the road 3.5 km and fork right. Drive 5.1 km more to the parking place of the nature park. (Roadmap)

Distance: 5h/18km

Walk to the other end of the parking place, where you find a number of signposts (1320 m). Follow the sign for "Sendero de los Cazadores" to the right. After crossing a bridge you come to a crossroads (2min) (1330 m). Keep straight ahead following the sign. The track turns into a path (6min) (1330 m), that starts ascending steeply through a leafy forest. At the beginning of the path you find a panel warning about the dangers of this path. There is a danger of vertigo on this path, but all along it is wide and easy to walk.

When the path forks (1h03min) (1875 m), go left for "Faja de Pelay". From this spot you enjoy the first view to the rock walls rising on the opposite side of the valley. The steep climb ends by the lookout spot of  Calcilarruego (1h13min) (1950 m) where you can take a look down to the valley.

From the lookout spot the path bends right and you start to walk on the Faja de Pelay, a protruding terrace in the rock wall of the Sierra de las Cutas. The faja opens up magnificent views to the peaks and rock formations of the opposite side of the valley. You see the Tobacor, Gallinero, Mondarruego and Descargador. Later you have even better angle to admire the rock formations of Tobacor including its highest point the Punta Tobacor. Also the views over the valley get more extensive. In some places the path goes in a shady forest and over grassy fields.

When the path starts to descend (2h15min) (1960 m), there are no longer trees hindering the visibility . In front of you spreads out the entire Circo de Soaso, the northeast end of the valley closed by semicircular rock walls. On left rises the Cilindro de Marboré, and in the middle the Monte Perdido, the third highest mountain of the Pyrenees. Down below snakes the river Arazas forming large pools. By the river you discern a track, which is your return route. In some places the path is lined by big boulders. Before you reach the bottom of the valley, you see the magnificent waterfall called Cola de Caballo in its full lenght.  

You come to a bridge close to the waterfall (3h15min) (1760 m). Cross it and bend left. The path comes to a track (3h19min) (1755 m). You pass a minor waterfall descending from the slopes on your right (3h30min) ((1750 m) and cross a number of bridges before the first large pool formed by the river that flows on your left (3h35min) (1740 m). The track gets narrower and takes you close to the water offering impressive views to the torrents rushing down from the cliffs and to the pools. By the largest pool (3h47min) (1715 m) you find a nice picnic spot.

Later the track starts to run in a shady forest. After passing the lookout spots of the Estrecho waterfall (4h17min) (1540 m) magnificent rock walls rise in front of you. You come to a fork (4h29min) (1470 m) and follow the sign for "Pradera" to the left. Soon after the fork, a path forks off left to the waterfall of Cueva. You can visit the waterfall, but the route continues to the right for "Pradera".

After crossing a bridge (4h33min) (1430 m) you pass the lookout spot of Bucardos on your right and come to a junction  (4h45min) (1345 m), where you go straight ahead. At the next junction (4h58min) (1330 m), go right for "Pradera". Return along the already familiar track back to the parking place (5h).

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