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Pradera de Ordesa - Faja Canarellos - Pradera de Ordesa

Pradera de Ordesa - Faja Canarellos - Pradera de Ordesa





Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Drive on the N-260 until you see a sign for "Torla, Ordesa" between the kilometer posts K480 and K481. Take this narrower asphalt road number A-135 and continue 1.4 km to Torla. Almost immediately after entering the village you see a large parking area, an information post and a bus stop on your right. If you make this excursion in June 30-September 16 or on public holidays you have to leave your transportation and take a bus ride to the nature park. It takes some 20 minutes. The buses leave every 20 minutes. Both the transportation and the parking are priced. During other periods you can drive to the nature park. Continue on the road 3.5 km and fork right. Drive 5.1 km more to the parking place of the nature park. (Roadmap)

Distance: 3h22min/11km

Walk to the other end of the parking place, where you find a number of signposts (1320 m). Take the track to the left for "Grados de Soaso" "Camino de Soaso" and "Cola Caballo". By a column of Virgen de Pilar the track forks (8min) (1335 m). Go left to a path following the signs for "Circo de Cotatuero", "Faja Canarellos" and "Faja Racon".

You ascend first through a leafy forest, but higher up the firs take over.  At the next fork (21min) (1415 m), go left again. A torrent starts to follow the route on your right and later you cross two gorges. Magnificent rock walls line the path. Soon after crossing a brook (47min) (1630 m) you encounter signposts by a small wooden cottage (52 min) (1670 m). Continue to the right towards a waterfall following the sign for "Faja Canarellos". 

Almost immediately you cross a bridge. The ascending path goes by the waterfall on your left (1h) (1730 m) and comes to the Faja Canarellos (1h10min)(1780 m), a protruding terrace in the rock wall of Tobacor. Almost an hour you descend gently on the Faja Canarellos accompanied by fine views over the valley, to the mountains and to the slopes of Gallinero. For the most part this route is lined by leafy trees and magnificent rock walls. On your way you probably meet deers (Rupicapra rupicapra).

The path starts to zigzag steep downhill (2h10min) (1725 m) and comes to a track (2h22min) (1645 m). Turn right following the sign for "Cascadas del Estrecho". You walk in a leafy forest. Three paths fork off to the waterfall of Estrecho. The first path takes you to a lookout spot above the fall. The second spot is located half way the fall. The third path descends some 80 meters lower to the base of the fall. It takes some 30 minutes to visit all three spots.

Lined by the rock walls of Sierra Cutas the track continues downwards to a fork (2h45min). The route goes to the right, but you can visit the waterfall of Cueva on your left. It takes some three minutes to get there.

After walking some three minutes to the right from the fork (2h48min) (1435 m), you see the waterfall of Arripas on your left. When the track forks by the bridge over the Arazas river (3h11min) (1350 m), keep right. You come back to the carved column (3h15min) and return to the parking place (3h22min).

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