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Sendero El Cerrado

Sendero El Cerrado





Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)


How to get there: Driving on the A-7000 turn on a narrow asphalt road signposted to "Hotel Humaina", which you find between the kilometre posts 545 and 546 by the fountain called Fuente de la Reina and a bar beside it. Follow this road for 1.7 km and turn left by the sign for Hotel Humaina. Drive 2.3 km to the parking place in front of the hotel by the recreation area of Cerrado. (Roadmap)

Distance: 58min/2.8km

From the parking place you see an information panel on this walking route (620 m). By this panel you find a path. The route itself is quite modest, but Montes de Malaga is the closest nature park to Malaga.

Lined by various bushes blooming in spring the path ascends to a track (15min) (720 m). Turn right. Looking down you see the hotel and the recreation area. When the track bends sharp left by the lookout spot of Cochino, you see Malaga down below and a long strech of the southern coast.

Walking further up on the track you encounter a wooden pole with a white arrow that points left to a grassy track (28min) (815 m). Descend on this track to another wooden pole by which you find a path branching off left (33min) (800 m). This narrow and most of the time steep path comes to a sand road (53min) (655 m). Turn right. At the next junction (57min) (635 m), go left, and walk back to the parking place (58min).

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