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Villaluenga del Rosario - Llanos del Republicano - Puerto del Correo - Llanos de Líbar - Villaluenga del Rosario

Villaluenga del Rosario - Llanos del Republicano - Puerto del Correo - Llanos de Líbar - Villaluenga del Rosario





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How to get there: Drive on the A-2302 to the east side of Villaluenga del Rosario, where you find a large parking place. (Roadmap)

Distance: 4h10min/15km

Walk from the parking place along the A-2302 (850 m) to the corner of the "Hostal Villaluenga" (1min) where you find a sign for "Sendero Llanos del Republicano". Take the narrow asphalt road by the sign. Higher up the asphalt turns into concrete and you have a nice view over the village behind you. On top of the hill (17min) (940 m) you continue along a sand road straight ahead without paying attention to a road branching off left towards a house, nor to a road forking off to the right.

You come to a gate closing the road to traffic and go through a small gate beside it (21min) (925 m). Soon after the gate you fork right on a track following the signs for "Sendero Llanos del Republicano" and "Puerto del Correo". Snaking its way through grazing grounds, the track opens a view to the plain of Republicano that starts to spread out below. Lined by oaks the track descends trough a gate (37min) (830 m) into the vast plain of Republicano.When you come to a junction (41min) (805 m), follow the sign for "Sima del Republicano" to the left.

Walking cross the grassy ground you can marvel the mountains surrounding the plain. Looking ahead you see the Sierra de Líber with its highest peak El Cabrizal.

You go through another gate (50min) (795 m) and fork off right guided by a wooden pole. The grassy track turns into a path (53min) (795 m) that leads to signs (56min) (800 m). Ignore the sign for "Sima de Villaluenga"pointing to the left, and follow the sign for "Puerto del Correo" straight ahead. A wide path with white-red waymarks starts to zigzag upwards. When it forks (1h07min) (870 m), keep right. On your left rises a gray rock wall.

You emerge in a small clearing (1h16min) (910 m), where you follow the "Puerto del Correo" sign straight ahead towards the crest in front of you. Still in a zigzag form the path runs between fine boulders. Looking behind you enjoy a nice view over the plain. On the background of Villaluenga de Rosario you discern the mountain ranges of Sierra del Caíllo and Sierra del Endrinal. In the Puerto del Correo the going gets easier (1h36min) (1015 m) and you encounter a large information panel on the walking route from Tarifa to Athens (1h43min) (1025 m). On your left you find a small clearing. Ignore the path branching off left and keep straight ahead.

The path descends beside of a stone wall into the plain of Líbar. On the left slopes boardering the plain you find small groves of oaks and inviting stone seats, an excellent place for a picninc (1h56min) (975 m). On the other side of the plain you see the Sierra del Palo (1h56min) (975 m).

Return on the same route back to the plain of Republicano, and branch off right by the sign for "Sima de Villaluenga" (2h50min) (800 m). Following an old stone wall you enjoy views of the rock formations rising on your right and nice oak groves. You go through an opening in the wall (3h) (795 m) and continue on the other side to an information panel introducing the cleft (3h02min) (795 m).

In the middle of the plain rises the small hillock of El Galapagas. You can go round it along paths and grassy tracks, but some 150 meters before you reach the familiar junction with the sign for "Sima del Republicano" you encounter a fence without a gate. If you do this circuit, which takes about 50 minutes, you have to negotiate your way through the fence.

The route continues from the information panel the same way back to the junction of the Sima del Republicano (3h30min), from where you continue the already familiar route back to the Villaluenga del Rosario (4h10min).

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