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Sendero Puerto del Boyar

Benaocaz - Salto del Cabrero - Puerto del Boyar - Puerto de las Presillas - Benaocaz





Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Turn from the A-2302 to the entrence road of Benaocaz by the kilometer pole K15. Follow the "Centro urbano" sign to the left. When the road bends right, you see a sign "Rutas naturales" pointing to the left to Calle Santa Clara. By the "Alojamiento Rural San Antonio" you go left and drive until the road turns into a track. (Roadmap)

Distance: 5h17min/16.5km

Take the track (785 m) that bends left by a gate and turns into a path (5min) (775 m). The stony path goes through a gate and crosses a bridge (10min) (740 m). After going through another gate (14min) (755 m) you come to a fork (19min) (750 m), where a white arrow guides you to the right. Again you walk through a gate (26min) (805 m) and come to a fork with paths to three different directions. Follow the white arrow towards the slope in front of you. The Sierra Alta stays on your left. Looking behind you have a nice view to Benaocaz.

The path zigzags to a large plain (31min) (845 m) surrounded by slopes with peculiar rock formations. The gently ascending path crosesses the plain where you spot cattle herds, pigs and horses. From the highest point (45min) (885 m) the path descends to signs (49min) (870 m). Do not go straight ahead for Grazalema, but bend left following the skirt of the plain. Soon you encounter more signs (51min) (865 m). Follow the sign for "Vista Panoramica Salto del Cabrero". White arrows take you to the lookout spot of Salto del Cabrero (1h) (825 m), where you can admire the 80 meters high, sheer rock walls on both sides of a 50 meters wide trail. Looking west you see La Silla.

Return to the signs (1h09min) (865 m) and follow the Grazalema sign straight ahead. Also by the next signs (1h11min) (870 m) you make for Grazalema. The path snakes its way between tall oaks and starts to follow an old stonewall (1h26min) (915 m). After going through an opening in the wall, the path slopes gently down to signs (1h33min) (900 m). Again you follow the sign for Grazalema through a gate (1h42min) (855 m) to a fork (1h52min) (870 m), where a white arrow guides you uphill to the right through a grazing ground.

After the next gate (2h05min) (920 m), you turn to right. The path leads to a pasturage, where you go through a gate (2h20min) (990 m) to a concrete road (2h23min) (1010 m). Turn right. The road turns into a track, which comes to the Puerto del Boyar (2h45min) (1105 m). Looking north you see the Pico del Monete, which is the highest peak of the Sierra del Pinar.

In Puerto del Boyar you find a shelter with tables and benches. The route goes on through a gate on the left side of the shelter. On the other side of the gate you see a blue arrow painted on a stone. The path ascends to the Puerto de las Presillas, where you keep following the blue waymarks and wooden poles ignoring a path that forks off left (3h15min) (1255 m). You walk through a gate in a stone wall and start an ascent between oaks towards a crest in front of you. From the crest (3h31min) (1300 m) opens up a fine view over the plain surrounded by mountains.

Little by little the path begins to slope down along the slopes of Sierra del Endrinal towards the Sierra del Caíllo. You pass ruins of a house (3h55min) (1160 m) and a couple of minutes later a fountain. Soon after walking through a gate (4h07min) (1175 m) you enter a vast plain (4h11min) (1140 m). Follow carefully the blue waymarks, which guide you to bend right. When you encouter another path, turn right. On your left, the plain is bordered by Sierra del Caillo with its highest peak Cima del Caillo.

Following the blue waymarks you go through four gates and come to another plain, where the path turns into a track (4h40min) (990 m). Descending towards Benaocaz the track takes you through a gate (4h46min) (965 m) and narrows into a path. After one more gate you see the village in front of you (5h03min) (855 m). A couple of minutes later you fork off right by a fountain following the blue waymarks. When the path forks (5h08min) (825 m), go left. You come to the Barrio Nazar in Benaocaz (5h10min) (810 m). Turn right and immediately after that to the left, downhill to the Calle los Villares. At the Plaza Fuente Nueva, you keep right. Also at the following junctions bear right until you reach the Alojamiento Rural San Antonio (5h15min) from where you continue along the familiar way back to the beginning of the route (5h17min).

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