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Fuente Nova - Fuente de la Escudella - Barranco de la Serra - Barranco de la Ruta - Tossal Redó - Els Flarets - Barranco de la Ruta - Fuente Nova





Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Driving on the CV-675 turn to "Les Foies". This junction is one kilometre from Barx to northwest and four kilometres from Simat de la Valldigna to southeast. Drive 4 km on the Foies road, all the way to Nova Fountain (Font Nova) where the road ends. (Roadmap of Safor)

Distance: 3h45min/11.5km

Facing the road you came from, take the narrow asphalt road that goes right uphill from the Nova fountain (475 m). Soon you have a view to Les Foies and Penya Migdia. The road slopes gently downwards through a hilly landscape turning into a track

Turn right on a path with white-yellow waymarks (40min) (380 m). The path descends towards Monduber to the Escudella fountain (Font de l'Escudella) (1h) (325 m). You cannot use the seeping water to fill your water bottle.

Soon after the fountain you have a vista over the valley to the sea. When the path forks (1h05min) (350 m), go left. Start descending to the Barranco de Serra, and fork right (1h10min) (310 m). After reaching the bed of the barranco (1h15min) (275 m), the path rises to a ridge (1h25min) (330 m), and goes down to Barranco de Ruta, where it meets another path (1h40min) (250 m). Turn right.

When the path forks (1h50min) (285m), go left. Soon you have another sea view. Looking behind, you see a rock called Mallaeta Fonda on the opposite side of the gorge. The path takes you to a sand road that runs on Tossal Redó (2h15min) (440 m). Turn left. By the signposts that you soon encounter, turn right on a path to Monduber.

By a tall ruined building, the path forks (2h30min) (535 m). Go right. The path ascends to the plain of Els Flarets (640 m), and starts descending. By the next fork (3h) (560 m), keep left. After reaching the bed of Barranco de Ruta (3h10min) (520 m), the path curves up right revealing a nice view over the Barranco de Ruta to the sea. Then it crosses a hill (3h20min) (570 m) with an outlook over Les Foies, and descends to a road (3h30min) (500 m). Turn right, and when you meet an asphalt road, turn left (3h35min) (480 m). This road takes you back to the Nova fountain (3h45min).

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