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Revilla - Puente de los Mallos - Escuaín - Río Yaga - Revilla

Revilla - Puente de los Mallos - Escuaín - Río Yaga - Revilla





Map for the route (ED50)


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How to get there: Drive on the A-138 to the kilometer post K64 and turn on a narrow asphalt road signposted to "Tella", "Ruta de las Ermitas", "Garganta de Escuaín" and "Miradores de Revilla". After 5.7 km you come to a fork. Continue to the left following the sign for Revilla. Drive 6.6 km more to the village of Revilla. Leave your transportation by the "Revilla" sign. (Roadmap)

Distance: 5h25min/17.5km

Walk from the sign (1225 m) to the village. In less than a minute you see signs on your left - "Puente de los Mallos", "Foratarruego" and "Puerto de Revilla". All of them point ahead. The road narrows into a lane, and by the church the lane turns into a path. When the path forks (4min) (1245 m), go right.

The village and the valley of Escuaín stay below. At the next fork you encounter signs (10min) (1280 m). Keep left and ignore the sign for "Consusa Superior", which points to the right. The wide path runs on the bedrock and opens a great view to the mountain of Castillo Mayor.

You cross the bridge over the groge of Consusa (23min) (1350 m). Ignore a path that joins in from left by the "Revilla" sign that points behind you (28min) (1375 m). When the "Parque Nacional" sign tells that you are entering the national park (33min) (1380 m), continue straight ahead ignoring the path that branches off right.

You go over the gorge of Angonés on a bridge (40min) (1390 m). Along the gorge rushes an waterfall. After the bridge, the path bends left and you encounter signposts. Follow the signs for "Puente de los Mallos", "La Valle", "Gurrundué Medio" and "Escuaín" to the left.

You walk in a shady forest and have only a few views to the Canyon of Escuaín between the tree trunks. After crossing the gorge of Garganta (1h22min) (1500 m) you meet more signposts. Follow the signs for "Puente de los Mallos", "La Valle" and Esquaín" to the left. In five minutes you start a steep descent. When the steep part is over  (1h40min) (1425 m) you continue along the path to a fork (1h45min) (1425 m) , where you go right.

Again you cross a gorge (1h53min) (1445 m) and come to the bridge of Mallos (2h10min) (1450 m). Immediately after the bridge you follow the sign for Escuaín. The path ascends to the plains of Valles Altas de Escuaín (2h18min) (1495 m) , where you enjoy a magnificent mountain view over the canyon of Escuaín. In the north the valley is bordered by Circo de Gurrundué. In the west, you discern the valley you are heading to.

After crossing a brook (2h21min) (1490 m) bend left. Almost immediately you see the sign for Escuaín. Follow the signs and white-green waymarks to the plain, where you encounter more signposts. By a cattle corral starts a track (2h26min) (1510 m) .

Walking along the track you can admire the sheer rock walls of the canyon and the montain ranges in the east. You pass a fountain (2h33min) (1485 m) and cross a gorge (2h41min) (1450 m). The mountain of Cotiella shows first on your left from the gaps in the leafy forest and later, after crossing another gorge (3h05min) (1340 m) in front of you. You go round a bar closing the track from traffic (3h28min) (1215 m) and come to the village of Escuaín (3h33min) (1200 m). Take the asphalt road to the right for "Revilla".

Soon after passing a waterfall (3h43min) (1160 m) you encounter a path with signposts that starts from the left hand side of the road (3h46min) (1160 m). The path snakes its way through a mossy and leafy forest and comes to a fork (4h01min) (1000 m). Follow the signs for "Revilla" and "Río Yaga" to the left. Further down you see the waterfall of Yaga and the large pools its waters form on your left (4h05min) (970 m). At the next fork (4h07min) (965 m), go right for Revilla. The left branch goes to the shore of Yaga, close to the waterfall you saw earlier. 

You reach the Yaga river and a large pool (4h09min) (950 m) and cross the river a little bit further on boulders. On the other side the signs guide you to a path. The path leads to a rocky terrace with a pool surrounded by semicircular rock walls (4h19min) (955 m). After crossing the terrace the path keeps ascending still for a while in the leafy forest,  but higher up a pine forest takes over (4h40min). Once you reach the crest, follow the right side of the gorge to east until you cross it (4h55min) (1085 m). From this point you have excellent views to Punta Llerga and Peña Montañesa.

Immediately after crossing the gorge, the path forks. Go right. When you come to the asphalt road  (4h59min) (1110 m), turn left. The road ascends back to Revilla (5h25min) (1245 m).

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