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Puente Pecadores - Puente del Molino - Pista de Biadós - Puente Pecadores

Puente Pecadores - Puente del Molino - Pista de Biadós - Puente Pecadores





Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Drive on the A-2609 that runs between Salinas de Sin and Gistaín 1.5 km from San Juan de Plan towards Gistaín until you see a sign for "Puen Pecadors" on the right hand side of the road. (Roadmap)

Distance: 1h/4km

By the signpost (1215 m) you find two signs for walking routes. Both of them point to the same direction. Take the track which soon turns into a path. You cross the bridge of Pecadó (El Puen Pecadó) and come to a fork with signposts (3min) (1210 m). Keep left following the sign for "Puen del Molín".

The wide path is well marked with white-yellow waymarks. Ignore all the paths to the left. They only go to the shore of the river Zinqueta. Along the path you find 15 information panles introducing the plants and animals of this area. On the opposite slopes, you see beautiful green fields spotted with colourful trees in the autumn. 

The path ascends through a leafy forest to a lookout spot (20min) (1300 m). The view encompasses a long strech of the valley and its opposite slopes. Down below you discern a narrow sand road, which is your return route.

The path keeps ascending gently for less than ten minutes (27min) (1310 m) before the descent to the Mill of Gistaín.  When you reach the sand road (35min) (1265 m), turn left. Before you cross a bridge, fork off left to visit the mill and another bridge over the Zinqueta river. Return to the sand road. On your way you see a number of old stone buildings

Ignore the path signposted to Gistaín (52min) (1235 m), and keep going straight ahead. The road goes down gently to the A-2609 (57min) (1225 m). Turn left and return back to the beginning of the route (1h). 

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