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Ibón del Sen

Puen Pecadors - Ibón del Sen - Puen Pecadors





Map for the route (ED50)


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How to get there: Drive on the A-2609 that runs between Salinas de Sin and Gistaín 1.5 km from San Juan de Plan towards Gistaín until you see a sign for "Puen Pecadors" on the right hand side of the road. (Roadmap)

Distance: 5h/14km

By the signpost (1215 m) you find two signs for walking routes. Both of them point to the same direction. Take the track which soon turns into a path. You cross the river Zinqueta along the bridge of Pecadó (El Puen Pecadó) and come to a fork with signposts (3min) (1210 m). Follow the sign for "Ibón del Sen" to the right. The stony path ascends to a crest (23min) (1370 m) where you enjoy nice views over the valley of Chistau with the river Zinqueta flowing through a green landscape. In front of you rise the Ferrera and Macizo de Cotiella. Follow the white-yellow waymarks to the left. Soon you see the village of San Juan de Plan.

When the path forks (27min) (1390 m), the waymark guides you to the right. Now you discern also the village of Plan in the valley. Looking west you have a beautiful view to the green slopes. You pass a building on your right and come to the next fork (39min) (1465 m). Follow the waymark to the right. You come to a grassy track (42min) (1485 m). Turn left. Almost immediately after you have passed a fountain on your right (44min) (1500 m), a path with a waymark branches off right. When it forks, in less than a minute, go right following a yeallow arrow.

The path returns to the track (50min) (1530 m). Turn left. Almost at once you find a path that forks off right. The path forks instantly. Follow a wooden pole to the right. The path gets wider and comes to a narrow sandroad (1h) (1590 m). Turn left. You pass a stone cottage (1h04min) (1620 m) and continue along the road towards the crest of Las Blancas bordering the gorge of Sen.

When the road forks (1h15min) (1660 m), go right. You reach a large dam wall on the right hand side of the road (1h19min) (1690 m) and find a waymark that guides you left to a track. The track turns into a path with waymarks in short intervals. Walking along the left side of the gorge of Sen you see the El Yerri and small waterfalls on the opposite slope. 

At the next fork (1h30min) (1770 m) go left, and, at once, again to the left. At the following fork (1h33min) (1795 m), you keep left once more. In front, to the right you discern a torrent, which you cross later on duckboards (1h40min) (1855 m). After passing a stone cottage (1h46min) (1890 m) you see a magnificent waterfall in front of you.

The waymarks lead you up along a grassy slope. The path snakes its way cross a number of small brooks to the side of the waterfall and later above it, where you encounter a small pond (2h28min) (2315 m). Large heards of goats and sheep pasture on the green fields.Continue along the right side of the pond uphill to a fork (2h40min) (2365 m), where the waymark points to the right. The last part of the route runs along a rocky trail which ends by the shore of the Lagoon of Sen (2h44min) (2365 m). The deep crystalline lagoon is semicircled by sheer rock walls.

Return the same way back  to the beginning of the route (5h).

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