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Fuente de la Drova

Fuente de la Drova - Collado dels Cargols - Barranco de la Selleta - Plana de les Simes - Sima de l'Aldaia - Plana de la Nevereta - Barranco de Manesa - Fuente de la Benita - Fuente de la Drova





Map for the route (ED50)


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How to get there: Drive on the CV-675 to La Drova, which is on the southeast side of Barx. If you are driving from southeast to northwest, you find a sign for the Drova fountain (Font de la Drova) pointing to the left. You can see the fountain when you turn left from the CV-675. If you are coming from northwest, through Barx, there is no sign for the Font de la Drova. (Roadmap of Safor)

Distance: 3h30min/12km

By the Drova fountain (Font de la Drova) (380 m) you find signs for the Cova del Parpallo, Font de la Mongeta and Alt de l'Aldaia, all of them pointing left. The track takes you to a crossroads with signposts (2min) (380 m). Turn right to a wide path signposted to Pla de les Simes. Notice that this path starts from the right hand side of the iron gate.

The path ascends through olive groves and lush natural lands to the Collado dels Cargols (20min) (510 m). In five minutes, you start walking uphill again. The Barranco de la Selleta is on your left. When the barranco gets lower, the path starts sloping gently into it (45min) (630 m).

In the Simes plain (Pla de les Simes), you encounter signposts (1h) (650 m). Fork right for the Alt de l'Aldaia. At the next fork (1h05min) (685 m), go right again, for Alt de l'Aldaia and Sima de l'Aldaia. Do not go left for Pla de la Nevereta. Within a minute, you have a signpost pointing straight ahead to the Sima de l'Aldaia and another one pointing left to the Alt de l'Aldaia. The route goes to the Sima de l'Aldaia.

If you want to visit the Alt de l'Aldaia (750 m), it takes about ten minutes to walk to the top of the hill. You have a good outlook over Barx, Penya Migdia and the Valldigna valley. Return back to the path that goes to the Sima de l'Aldaia.

The cleft of Aldaia (1h09min) (695 m), which you find on the left hand side of the path, is 113 meters deep.

Return from the cleft back to the signpost pointing to Pla de la Nevereta (1h13min) (685 m), and start following the signs for the Nevereta plain. You find the next signpost within a minute, and the subsequent one in twenty minutes. At both forks, keep right. The path has become partly overgrown with weeds and bushes.

The path descends to the Nevereta plain, where it meets another path (2h15min) (530 m). Go right for Barranco de la Manesa. Follow the Barranco de la Manesa for half an hour in a landscape with a wide variety of plants. Curving first towards Penya Migdia it then turns left to a pine forest and slopes down to a sand road (3h05min) (400 m). Turn right towards Barx. At the junction of Benita fountain (Font de la Benita) (3h08min), turn right again, and start following the Drova signs. By the next signs (3h13min) (355 m), cross a road to a track. The track crosses three roads and comes to the Font de la Drova (3h30min).

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